Craft Hope’s softie project for kids

Hello world and fellow geekcrafters! Would anyone else like to join in Craft Hope’s “project 19”, softies for Hurricane Sandy kids?

Since the deadline is January 10, I figure maybe I can whip up a few murlocs. The project doesn’t specify toys-only, and I think a fun monster hat is both useful and … um, fun.

Heck, maybe this will finally spur me to write and post that murloc hat pattern. Yikes, that’s been too long!

via Project 19 :: Dolls, Animals, and Monsters. Oh My!.


Boxed up birthday, sans proof

Grr! I am riding high on a finished project—not just finished, mind, but boxed up, taped, addressed, and ready to mail tomorrow—and I’m SO PSYCHED about how well the project and whole birthday package came together, including a hand-written letter from Hogwarts to the recipient.. and then I forgot to take pics of it all.

I mean, I have some store-bought items in there—a quill (a really pretty one), ink, and some branded HP-world junk collectibles from the theme park—but I have a hand-made, all-wool object d’a-freaking-more in there. And I’ve had it finished since January (because no, ah no, I don’t knit during sweaty-hands season). Finished. Finished and filed away so tidily that I couldn’t find it when the night of sending came around. Oh yeah, cause birthday, in the works since January, is on Sunday. I’m so ready. So excited. So.. without pics. Boo. And yay. B’yay.

Ok, here’s what else is in the box, cause… eff, I wish I were getting it!

Arms for a blue fairy

Ah, Springtime! The time when blue fairies’ thoughts turn to fancy… and fancy bare-armed Renfest outfits are a mite too cold by themselves.

So, Blue Fairy! Time to choose your armaments. Here are your options, in blue fluffy mohair of course, ordered from warmest to breeziest:

From Knitty, with or without the buttons, and without stripes since I only have the one color of mohair. 🙂

Knitty. Buttons? No stripes, please. Ok, maybe. But they'd have to be black and blue, not blue and blue.

Or perhaps something with a lacy pattern and more mitten-y hands.

From Ravelry, Gauntlets of Eternal Life

Rockstar.  ‘Nuff said.

Rockin! It's a toss-up whether these would be warmer than the lacy option above.

Lady MacBeth, from the AntiCraft.  I like this one for a lot of reasons.  What’s there NOT to like about Lady MacBeth for the Blue Fairy??

How about the way these attach to the hands?  Eh? Eh?

Ring-attachment option

And so, Blue Fairy, where-ever thou mayest be, give me your answer, I plea!

Lemme know whatcha like.  😀

Keychain sweaters!

Ok, this is the most adorable thing ever.  Even though knitting those tiny periodic table sweater ornaments was kind of annoying, I might do it all again to “clothe” my keys.  It sure would be nice to be able to tell them all apart in the dark.  Maybe some could have tassles, some short sleeved, and some naked still.  Cute to look at, certainly!

image and idea via cozy keys » whip up.