Arms for a blue fairy

Ah, Springtime! The time when blue fairies’ thoughts turn to fancy… and fancy bare-armed Renfest outfits are a mite too cold by themselves.

So, Blue Fairy! Time to choose your armaments. Here are your options, in blue fluffy mohair of course, ordered from warmest to breeziest:

From Knitty, with or without the buttons, and without stripes since I only have the one color of mohair. 🙂

Knitty. Buttons? No stripes, please. Ok, maybe. But they'd have to be black and blue, not blue and blue.

Or perhaps something with a lacy pattern and more mitten-y hands.

From Ravelry, Gauntlets of Eternal Life

Rockstar.  ‘Nuff said.

Rockin! It's a toss-up whether these would be warmer than the lacy option above.

Lady MacBeth, from the AntiCraft.  I like this one for a lot of reasons.  What’s there NOT to like about Lady MacBeth for the Blue Fairy??

How about the way these attach to the hands?  Eh? Eh?

Ring-attachment option

And so, Blue Fairy, where-ever thou mayest be, give me your answer, I plea!

Lemme know whatcha like.  😀


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