Finish-it February: Yoga lady items

Well, this was the toughest one to let go.

Image from pattern page on Classic Elite Yarns (clicky to go there!)

I had ear warmers, arm warmers, leg warmers, and even a neato wrap-sweater pattern that I was dying to try and send to my yoga-lady SIL.  But I made myself a promise to let go of the projects that were plaguing me: finish them in February or let them go altogether afterwards.  If I didn’t feel strongly enough (about the yarn, the pattern, the sizes, the what-have-ye), then I probably was going to hem and haw until Christmas—or Aftermas—rolled around again and the agonizing became full force.

Now mind you, this doesn’t mean I just didn’t want to forget about yoga-lady.  It’s just that I frittered away time worrying about the perfectness of what I’d make her and now it’s almost not knitting season for me anymore.  (It’s gonna be 80 today.  That ain’t knittin season.  That’s hammock-and-beer season.)  What’s more, I couldn’t guarantee the size would work, since she’s easily a foot shorter than I am.  I can just see me making her arm or leg bags.  The ear warmer would have been an easier bet, but again, I had to let go the anxiety.

Instead, I got her a nice little gift from  It was on her Christmas list and it helps a good cause.  I’m happy on both counts and can move past the gifting angst.


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