Prom-ocalypse, blogging, and Attack-It April

First, Promocalypse is indeed now May 15.  If you haven’t gotten the e-vite or FaceBook invite, please let me know and I’ll send you the deets.

Second, it’s high time I combine my blogs.  I held off a long time because WoW (and sitting in front of a computer) didn’t seem to jive or share audience much with the greener and active interests in my life.  However, looking back on the first days of my blog, I had already begun to just blog about whatever it was that the interwebs struck me with on my fancy.  Then, after reading a friend and mentor’s blog post about keeping your blog narrowly focused, I realized that I disagreed with him because my blog is for me.  Anyone else is free to read, of course, and I love hearing from you when you do.  I even occasionally speak directly to you, like now.  But over all, Nimcrafting covers all aspects of my interests, not just WoW, not just gardening, not just geekcrafting, not just any one thing.  In fact, I found another blogger’s blog (a friend of a friend) who is right smack dab in the middle of what I suspect nimcrafting might become:  green crafting!

Moss "graffiti". Wow, I could do Space Invaders on my wall...

I suspect, my green crafts will have a decidedly geeky bent.  I mean, just check out my “shared and starred blogs” over on the left sidebar.

And finally, Attack-it April.  Finish-it February worked pretty well for me, so this month, after a month off from expectations, I’m opening up a can on projects I just keep meaning or wanting to do, but for whatever reason, don’t.  I’m looking at you, sunjars.  At you, moss graffiti.  At you, rest-of-my-plants-and-seeds.  It’s so easy to sow seeds, but I’m petrified of it for some reason.  Will I get them wrong?  Will I want to move them afterwards?  Answer, probably yes to both.  But it’s not the end of the world.  Or the End Proms!  (Promocalypse is aka Prom of the Dead aka the End Proms.  See how I tied it back up?)


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