A single rainbow

What does it mean?? Well, it means that next time I might make a few more rainbow arcs if I have time. I wish I had some non-dark stars, but hey, a little rain must fall, right?



Peer pressure tiara

Ok, not really. My friends at work ask me about my tiaras when I don’t wear one; it’s not quite the same as peer pressure, but it’s a spur to make another all the same. I seem to need such reminders lately. I think trying to stream their makings is too much pressure for me to perform, and the tiaras are supposed to be fun. 

The glitter glasses were peer pressure for sure, to go with my shoes.   

surprisingly, the glitter on the lenses doesn’t affect sight
the requested in-use shot. if my hair were down, it’d be worn closer to my forehead

Spring tiara: put a bird on it

Something just sprang to mind while I was fiddling with this little tiara. Which, btw, I streamed out to twitch. It took around 45 minutes or so for me to make, and I used just a few glass seed beads, a few lengths of 24-gauge wire, a side comb, and one bird “bead” I made from copper-colored Fimo.

The perch for the bird is springy—as in boingesque—and the theme is Springy—as in March 21. Esque.

Enjoy! I sure did. It makes me laugh every time I catch sight of it on my head.



Return of the tiara

Last night a friend reminded me, encouraged really, to wear a “hidden tiara” today. It’s been a while since I’ve made or even worn one. I am grateful for her reminder. 

This one is designed to snug up against my top knot, hidden from the mortals far down below, who can’t see the top of my head.  I wanted to start working with wire a bit more, too.   

Purple waves tiara

 Made this on twitch again.  I wanted something with a bit more height and a dangly piece. I was planning on surfing the next day so bam: waves. I gave it to the waitress who served me delicious French toast this morning. 

a little more height than usual

And although I didn’t make another tiara this weekend, I did pretty much everything else: cleaned the office so MBF could copilot my twitch streams, if I do one again, hung up a bunch of bohemian looking lamps from my ceiling, washed all the curtains and normal stuff of course, potted a bunch of moss and succulents, group chatted my girls, played frisbee golf, changed some long overdue light bulbs, changed out the shower head, and got a few WoW achievements. Man. That was a good weekend. 
Here’s a recap of the frisbee antics. The puddle is about 6′ diameter and the only water for miles. I threw my disc right in it. 


Ice crystals tree tiara, streamed

Ok ok. I’m telling you that I streamed these, past tense. Let’s be honest: I’m still working on some technical stuff with the preso. But once I have a schedule, I’ll share it here. 

So I streamed making this one, and since I wasn’t basking in the storytelling and love with my IRL friends, it only about a half hour, per more usual. 


tall trees today