Purple waves tiara

 Made this on twitch again.  I wanted something with a bit more height and a dangly piece. I was planning on surfing the next day so bam: waves. I gave it to the waitress who served me delicious French toast this morning. 

a little more height than usual

And although I didn’t make another tiara this weekend, I did pretty much everything else: cleaned the office so MBF could copilot my twitch streams, if I do one again, hung up a bunch of bohemian looking lamps from my ceiling, washed all the curtains and normal stuff of course, potted a bunch of moss and succulents, group chatted my girls, played frisbee golf, changed some long overdue light bulbs, changed out the shower head, and got a few WoW achievements. Man. That was a good weekend. 
Here’s a recap of the frisbee antics. The puddle is about 6′ diameter and the only water for miles. I threw my disc right in it. 



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