Brain hat!!

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Wow.  After much teeth gnashing, someone has finally come up with a brain hat so I don’t have to.  Well, it’s crochet, not knit.  But close enough.  In fact, I found a partially-finished brain hat recently in my cleaning.  Ah, brain hat.  I hardly knew you.


5 thoughts on “Brain hat!!

  1. Hey I love your crochet brain beanie cap and I was wondering where you got it from. Some friends of mine and I are looking for some like this for a running group. If you could please let me know where you got it I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. I got it from the link in the post there. Evidently THAT person saw it or submitted it as the ““Brainy Maniac” pattern in the September-October issue of Crochet Today!”. If you follow the link from my post, that page has a few links where you can buy the pattern or the magazines that have the pattern. I haven’t made this myself (I can’t crochet). However, I have made a few other brainy hats via knitting. They were bears, lemme tell you….

    1. Hmm, well it looks like the links in the article about that brain hat (it’s not my brain hat, but I had been thinking about one and working on one of my own for a while, which never came to pass) aren’t working. However, a quick search of Ravelry revealed this free pattern for a crochet brain hat. Enjoy! (p.s. it’s free to join ravelry if that link prompts you to log in)

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