Fairy gardens and a literal tree house

via Studio G – Garden Design & Landscape Design inspiration » A Literal Tree House.

Squeeeeeeeeee!!  Want want want want!  It looks so enchanted-foresty.  I think those shingles make me think “fairy”.

Of course, this whole garden is straight-up “fairy”, which rules 10x.  Beyond just the fairies mixed into the landscape—and the whole theme of course—what really got my squee primed was the tiny little garden this fairy is in:

Fairy? Tiny? Crowned frog??? I'm so in. via Gardening Gone Wild

Lately, I’m super into tiny little gardens.  Like… super. I’m even into tiny little houses, too.  Maybe they’re linked…  Anyway, I almost want to ignore my own big-people garden to pursue a little tiny one.  And yes, I’d have my own frog prince in there, too.  I kinda got hooked when my friend sent me a tiny terrarium pic.  I can’t find the exact page she sent me, but in searching for it I found yet more that make me super happy. I hate garden gnomes, but I sure love their little tiny houses.  Want to smash.

Via MoreWaysToWasteTime.blogspot.com (sadly off-air) and Etsy, linked.

Seriously? A little tiny arbor and tinier bird house? Tiny smash! Tiny smash! via EtsyCurator.com and Etsy.
And since I’m just daydreaming, here’s something I came across that I really would love to make, but I’m sure we can squarely file into the “never gonna get around to it” file: a vertical succulent garden.

via Oh Happy Day via Flora Grubb (linked)

Yeah, that’s cool, but wait for it… A succulent verticle garden that looks like a miniature version of my garden from above.  Don’t you think that succulent planter in the photo looks like a satellite image of someone’s farm?  Yeah, I know.  It’d be awesome.  In fact, I originally thought I’d do a little terrarium miniature of my back yard.  Yeah, I know! I even started thinking about which little tiny plants look like full sized plants in the yard.  But again with the got-too-much-else-to-finish-first stuff. Stuff that people look at when they come to your house, like planter edgings and sidewalks.  Stuff that your neighbors come over and secretly do for you while you’re at work, like mowing.

To wit, I need to finish the bottle projects.  I’m focusing my attention there until the end of August.  In fact, I’ve decided the bottles and front yard will be all I’m doing outside.  😦  Well, project-wise anyway. I still need to weed and cut the grass and pull out the poison ivy that’s already come back thankyouverymuch.  I’ve halted the medicine wheel garden.  I’ve halted the walkway through the garden and even the new beds.  Although really I should put some seeds in for the fall, tout suite.  I’ll have to do that in the existing beds.  You know, the boring ones.  Sigh.


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