My garden sprouted already!

Remember how Thursday I bit the bullet and put in cabbage, kale, lettuce, black eyes, and calypso beans, in the hope of fostering a shared garden? Yeah. This is them today, Tuesday morning:


That’s the cabbage plant I put in, plus some bean and lettuce sprouts. Nevermind the pea sprouts off camera. Wow!!


Today I’m going to have a yarden “bed in” of my own!

Quebec's win for suburban yardens

Just last night I told my brother I had seeds in the ground, ready to make me delicious food until winter. Actually, I have seeds. I have a couple starter plants. But nothing is in the ground.

Admittedly, I’ve been busy and sick alternating nights this week. So after reading this:

Quebec Couple Holds “Bed In” to Save Their Frontyard Farm from City Officials – Environment – GOOD

…I’ve decided tonight’s the night. I just have to “dig in” and do it once and for all, before the season’s gone. There’s still time! I used this garden planner (sprout robot) to tell me what I should plant for my area. It’s actually pretty cool, although I wish I could go back a week and see what I missed.

Anyhoo, tonight’s gotta be it. I’ll do what I can and worry about the details later. Planting food in my front yard(en. Yarden. I’m trying to get this to catch on, people) is just too important to put off any longer, especially while some towns are outlawing it!

My tequila hero: Lucinda Hutson

via Digging » Enchanted evening in Lucinda’s cantina garden.

I saw this blog entry at Digging, another of my fave blogs. But now I’m straight-up hero-worshipping a lady who 1) has a tequila bottle tree, 2) has a killer garden, 3) has a PURPLE house, and 4) clearly loves serving all things tequila and fruity.

I said to my friend “I want to be this lady when I grow up.” She replied “Why wait?”


There goes my hero


Images via Digging, a blog I so totally dig.

Lights, camera, weekend!

Dude. What a crazy weekend.

First, I hung out a movie set, where I was a stunt driver Friday and Saturday. Then I went to a concert at the Nutty Brown, where I’ve wanted to go for quite some time. There was an accident or some sort of road closure afterwards, so I followed my friend’s trusty i-puh-fone and we rushed down country roads, desperate for black beans and eggs. Side note: Magnolia’s “neptunian landscape” is even more amazing with their rice.

Then I fell into bed and did the stunt driving thing on Saturday out at the old airport, where I also earned a hefty sunburn. So much for my big floppy hat.

Ladybird Wildflower Center from above, viewed from the San Antonio tower.

Sunday I spent puttering in the yard, going to REI, joining the Tour de Cure–a 150 mile ride or diabetes in San Marcos and some good training for RAGBRAI in July–then visiting and joining the Ladybird Wildflower Center. Oh, and buying like a million native plants…

Whew! Finally home for the night, I puttered around the yard a bit more, then collapsed into bed just as it was getting dark. At 8pm… I missed a roommate’s show and a hanging out with another friend, but nothing would keep my peepers open. Until 4am when the storm came through.

That’s when I could no longer sleep (huh, guess 8 hours is enough after all) and read, thinking all the while of my poor vehicle outside in the rain on set, wondering if its windows had been rolled up or if it was leaking…

Well, to satisfy my curiosity I came back to the set Monday morning and checked it over. All’s well!

Now, back to work…

The No-Refrigerator Challenge

The No-Refrigerator Challenge, issued by Rowdy Kittens.

Yeah, I coulda put an image of beautiful veggies being kept cool in the fridge, but let's be real. This is more accurate for my lifestyle. Image from

Now that I’m getting weekly product bushels, I wonder if I could hack this. Dairy’s not much a part of my life, and most produce is better eaten right away anyway. I’d already been thinking about this desert cooler from Africa (a zeer pot), for my little back-yard structure. No, City of Austin, I’m not building a house back there. It’s a shed… in which I happen to work and sometimes fall asleep, and in which I like to store snacks for myself and also have a sink to wash my hands after gardening, and also with a waterless toilet for… um… use with the pool, so people don’t have to go inside.  Yes, that’s the ticket.


More info on the zeer pot, including a pdf with instructions: