Plastic bag crafts: monster-sized round-up

Update: Since this is consistently my most popular post (cool!), I thought I’d specify that I didn’t make these crafts. I just put ’em into one place for you. Please note the links at the bottom of the images; they go to the origin, or at least back to where I found the crafty goodness. Ok, carry on! Please continue thinking I’m a crafting virtuoso, by all means.

Oh lordy.  Someone said they were looking for items made from plastic bags.  Why?  How about Africa‘s war on plastic bags? Maybe they wanted to know about’s 2007 plastic bag challenge, inspired by Morsbags.  I dunno.  But I went out and found just one bit of the tons of cool fused, knitted, and sewn reused plastic bags out there, none of ’em clogging up landfills, blowing down streets, or choking wildlife anymore.

Here.  You.  Go.

Bags and some other things like coasters, chairs, and gift wraps: (good tutorial)

Wreaths, bows, and rugs made from plastic bags:

Seriously check this out. She’s knitting a whole coral reef to highlight the “rubbish vortex” floating out in the Pacific.





Want more?  Things recycled from other things, loosely related to plastic things and bags:

7 thoughts on “Plastic bag crafts: monster-sized round-up

  1. Thanks for mentioning our project. I LOVE recycled plastic art/craft. It’s so cool! Love those bangles! I really love the CRAFT quilted plastic bags, too. Sweet.

  2. Great ideas here. I will share these photos as “green idea projects” at the workshop I am instructing in plastic bag fusing (making belts) at the Concord Art Association in February. Check out my lampshade, etc.

  3. I was told about a project using plastic bags to make a matt large enough for a person to lay down and rest on. I thought of it because my daughter is a missionary in PNG. and these matts would be great for the tribal people.

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