Holiday Waste

Holiday Waste.  via greenUPGRADER via

I can save 20 miles worth of gas, 2 feet of ribbon, buy 25% less food at the store each time, and emphasize mega-buying less at the holidays.  I bet you can, too.  Hey, we’ll even save money in the process!




Progress: mini sweaters and nerd offsets

Lol.  Nothing can “offset” me being me, so let’s consider that scale permanently tipped in the geek direction.  Long live uberdork!

So, tiny sweaters:  all but 3 are mostly done, with a super geeky twist coming up soon.  More on that this weekend, mehopes!

I got this idea from Berocco’s little pattern, featured all over the crafy blogosphere a while back.   There’s a 2007 and a 2008 version, both filled with about 10 little sweaters each.  I also used this pattern from Heartstrings Fiber Arts for one of the sweaters (lower right), and although I liked knitting this little raglan best, I didn’t like the puffy shoulders it had.

Let’s see.  Mainly for my own reference, I used Heartstrings raglan for the lime green (lower right), made up the pattern for the dark green and the purpleish variagated sweaters, used Berocco’s 2007 #8 pattern for the brown poncho, and more or less Berocco’s 2007 #4 for the white sweater (although with short sleeves).  The blue and lighter varigated sweaters were mostly from Berocco’s 2008 #10, although I haven’t put the neck on the pinkish one and won’t put one on the blue.

I think I’ll use one that has some cabling next, and I really wish one had a hood.  I don’t think I’ll tackle that on my own, though.  Heh, maybe next year.

These take almost 3 hours each, much to my shame and chagrin.  I have yet to make socks and a hat for my brother, a cowl for my mom (and socks for her, time permitting), and socks for another recipient.  I have this all budgeted out, time-wise.  I should be ok, and get the shippable stuff done by next Monday with plenty of time to ship.