Back to WoW, baby!

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And it’s the best $25 birthday gift evar.

And due to my impeccable timing, my birthday re-entry to WoW included a near instant level (to 86), two free crafting achievements, and an in-game concert. Oh, then I got nimmy all smashed and tried to go fishing. I love birthdays.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.16.33 AMScreen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.17.01 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.16.46 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.17.21 AM

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Solar powerful!

I turned my solar on last night so today is my first day to generate my own electricity! Ok, ok. It’s now officially Fall. It took since April or May to get it installed and inspected and going. But luckily, the sun shines all year! Also: Texas.

So here we go! Happily, since it’s so nice out now, maybe I won’t even use as much as the system is tuned to produce. With all the rebates in Austin, it’s a great time to roll your own. Ask me about it!





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Desk accomplished!

After I wrote my rant the other night, I got off my chocolate-loving ass and cleaned using unfuckyourhabitat’s 20-10 rule. Clean 20, rest 10. It. Effing. Worked.

Ok, admittedly I had to hide a few (hundred) things in the garage. Things that I need to “go through” or “sort” or “file”. Know what? That stuff kept me from getting to my desk for years. When I’m ready to sort for 20 minutes, I’ll go grab a bit from the garage. It’s not perfect, but you can read about perfectionism at .

Now, to sew. Onward!


Before was this:


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Proof to fuel my hatred of clothing

I was gonna fix the title to say “clothing retailers”, but no, I think I’m to the point of hating all clothes and just being a nudist or wearing rags. I’m good with either at this point. But anyway.

I’m invited to two more weddings this year, which is fantastic and to which I look forward, no question. But of course, what to wear? So long story short, I hate most “normal” dresses and shopping in person so I went to Cute stuff. Normal-ish, but sometimes quirky. As an online clothier, they have a great system (on their app anyway) to let you filter by your measurements. You get to see the items ladies with your (reported) measurements commented on. Sweet! So I put mine in and then proof of my rage:


Nothing for me. There it is in writing, at last. So I’m bummed, but then I’m like ok, definitely my limiting factor has to be my height, right? Sure enough, there are tons of recommendations (ok, 32) from women my size, but shorter. Like 5 inches shorter. Like 11 inches shorter. And even they say the waists hit them “in a weird place”.

Alrighty. Sigh. So I’m glad we all have unique bodies blah blah. But society and wedding etiquette dictate we should cover em up.

I’m a societal outcast and now officially have no options. Naturally, this calls for chocolate.

And then I realize hey, I have a sewing machine. And double hey, I even know how to use it. Triple that, I know how to see from patterns and can sometimes even figure simpler cuts out without a pattern.

So fuck it all. I’m doing this. I’m cleaning my desk right now, getting myself a sewing area (super swears that machine is under there somewhere, probably supporting the murloc).


And know what? Chiffon might be too lofty to aim for. Draping might be difficult without a dress form. But I’m going for this, which btw is straight up a 90 year-old dress. Looks amazing. Oh, and it’s a “day dress”. Ha!


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Supernatural obsession

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but thanks to every season being available on Netflix, I’m now quite obsessed with Supernatural. It doesn’t help that people have spotted one of the stars here in  my hometown. Following their Twitter accounts isn’t making things better, either. Am I a stalker? I think I might be a stalker.

Legal and psychological technicalities aside, I just really like the humor. They are right up my alley, especially Castiel and Bobby. Here are some faves I strung together. Y’welcome.

Ok, fine, it’s just me here. You’re welcome, future me. Also, they get bonus points for a freaking Charles Bukowski reference. Man, I miss Boston all over again.

bobby bukowski Cas_trying_to_lie

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What exactly are they worshipping there?


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Brace yourself for my exciting life of toilets

Yep. It’s my last day of get-to-do-anything-I-want while MBF is outta town, and what am I doing? You know it: watching toilet videos, mofos!

I won’t even apologize.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.00.47 PMBut what I will share (no, not the toilet video) is how WILDLY the prices vary between Blowes and Home Despot.

Same exact product, 3x the price (check the model number to geek out with me):

Anyway, that’s my story tonight. Shopping for toilets (also overpriced at b’Lowes) and pool thermometers. Yeppp. Dang. Now I’m sad.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.23.26 PM

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