Dark tree tiara, live!

Well, it’s not live no mo, but if you have a couple hours to kill, enjoy the replay. I’ll cut it down eventually, but for the next two weeks, enjoy the WHOOOOOLE thing. Enjoy 2 minutes of me silently figuring out whether I’m streaming or not. Enjoy 20 minutes of me talking about my bead stash. And enjoy lots of insider jokes and talking to my friends on chat, which you can’t see on the video. 😀

So yeah, “enjoy” watching it happen! I’ll likely be streaming again Wednesday. http://www.twitch.tv/nimcrafter/v/45836814

I made dis:



Nature tiara

I streamed making a tiara last night. Thanks so much to my sweet friends for watching! 

I didn’t take a pic of the whole tiara yet, but here is a small snippet, and the cautionary tale of wearing a tiara I KNEW was not approved for curly hair. MBF took one look and said, “we’ll have to cut it.” He didn’t butterfly out a knife right then and there, but he seemed to be looking around. Don’t get snake bit while this guy’s around, I tells ya. 

We didn’t cut it, btw. 

i’ve seen worse


Well, I tried something new and let’s just say it didn’t work out. I shan’t be wearing this to work today. 


new thing: elastic cord with drapey beads.
yeahhhnot what i was going for