Gym tiara

 I made this on the bus this morning (again!) while watching a meeting. The tiaras are becoming pretty automatic for me, which is sort of neat. Then I forgot I had it on and went to the gym, changed, and only noticed it squashed on my head as I left the locker room. So, I straightened it up and went out to be queen of the squat rack. As is my right.   

just call me Action “tiara” Jackson.

You lucky…tiara

Today I acted like a jackass pretty much first thing in the morning. So I made a tiara that told me straight up how it is for me. 

Sorry, action shots were ridiculously hard to take, since this tiara goes directly around my topknot bun thing. 


A true day-tiara: casual, sparkly, and maybe even subtle. Ok, subtle is optional. Anyway, when MBF took the action shot my people have demanded–and which my public so richly deserves–the beads just lined up so that most of them were hidden. Such is the life of the incognito princess.  

trying not to laugh as MBF takes a pic of the top of my head