4 hours later, I was a Californian

On Sunday, I got on a plane as a Texan, and four hours later I arrived in my new home state of Californian. The next morning, I got up and went to work at my new workplace.

Moving should always be this simple.

My stuff is who-knows-where, but I have my computer and clothes, and a place to sleep for now. I’m rather glad to not have any stuff with me right now, given that I’ll just have to move it again in a few weeks. It’s a nice trial run on having little to no stuff.

So one week into it, I have walked to work almost every day, went to an earth day celebration at the library–and sampled it’s amazing coffee–hiked among redwoods, and generally enjoyed being outdoors a heck of a lot. Well, except the hours when I’m at work or sleeping, which is all of them. Walking to work is the only non-sleeping thing I did all week. Crazy. This place is non-stop.

So, do the 3 hours in the redwoods balance out the work every other waking hour? Time will tell.


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Texas, our Texas

Stand up and sing if you know the tune. Show some r’spect if you don’t.

Shiner, my Shiner
You come from my home state.
Shiner, o Shiner
You taste so freakin great.

Grapefruit or cactus
Withstanding every taste
Oh summer beer so glorious
You are my fav’ritest.

God bless you, Shiner
And keep your longnecks long
So you may brew your summer beers
Even when I am gone.

First taste of summer 2015. Last taste of Texas for a while. Nowhere near the last melodramatic ode to my dear stomping grounds. And srsly. I liked ruby redbird, but I LOVE the prickly pear this year.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like …


Wishing everyone the sweetest of sugar comas this season.

I’ve been busily getting into the swing of things: potato rolls (rising under the towel), cashew toffee, obligatory chocolate chip cookies, and carrot cake. Rolled. It was a construction fail but still tastes good.


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Wedding daze

How women spend the hours before their weddings:


How men do:

2011-11-17 12.16.16

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A midnight clear

Just making spirits bright, y’all.

No one was harmed in the drinking of this nativity.

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Turkey dinner cakes


Once before, as a big ol’ cake

First of all, I did this before and it was awesome. But I did it as a big cake (per the recipe) and people were confused. It was potluck and until someone cut into it, it looked straight up desserty. Imagine their surprise.

Even the bacon bits crumbled on the sides didn’t give away the savory reality. In fact, that was the dawn of the bacon craze, so really it was going on desserts (or would soon be) anyway.

This year, I’m doing it as cupcakes. Pretty stoked, actually. Tip of the hat to MBF for the cupcake idea.

Recipe and fancy image from http://www.chow.com/recipes/29029-thanksgiving-turkey-cake


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Because Texas…

… my duck boots are dusty. There’s a country song in there somewhere.


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