My garden today

Something is upside down here. 8′ tall sunflowers (wild)? Check. 1′ tall high corn, tasseling already? Also check. *facepalm* well, at least the deer didn’t eat it.



Shifting gears: new goals and timeline


Well, we sat down–MBF and I–and looked at what we were doing the next few weeks, months, and years and asked ourselves when we could hit the road. Would “the road” be a longish vacation? A move to live somewhere else with our current jobs? A leave of absence to hike the PCT or the AT? Leaving our jobs altogether and hitting the road full time?

Those answers are unclear still, but one thing was clear: we will likely remain stateside and in our jobs for the next two years while MBF completes his coursework. While we both chafe at the idea of having to stay somewhere or do something we’re told to do, I think I’m slightly relieved I have extra time to update the house and yard AND stick around a bit to enjoy it.

So for now, I’ll look to those welding classes I’ve been threatening to take, and fully NOT doing, since I moved here, find a contractor* to do some remodels here, try to get my volunteer work to complete my certification, and fiddle a whole lot more in the yard.

That’ll be nice.

*taking recommendations. Anyone?


In this case, I’m def outtie

The Tiny Life , Archive » Is It Worth It?.

Yeah, I'm all set.

So I’m reading the article linked above and they say “if you were to account for the time the average American spends earning money just to pay for standard home in the US, you work 15 years of your life just for your house.”  Sweet. My plans* for peace-outing will continue!

Should I back up and clue you in? Ok.

The big wide world awaits. I’ve got so little time—we all do—and I’m sure not set on sitting behind a desk for 40 years of it, hoping that I’ll be able to get out and see some of it in my final 20.

Since the end of my first 20, I’ve been working behind one desk or another. Why? I built a house too big to afford, then sold it. I bought a smaller house and still need roommates to afford it. It’s just crazy and useless. And I’ve got 25 more years of this to go? I’m all set, thanks.

Recently, MBF read about a study predicting a full collapse by 2030. (This assumes we survive the great zombie apocalypse of 2012, but I’ve already got my zombie bug-out plans, so I’m set.) If that’s the case, I need to get my world-seeing in before 2030, and get hunkered down somewhere slightly before.

A quick timeline:

2030 collapse
-3 years to settle into a place
2027 year to finish up travels
-2013 when I can first leave home
14 years to get my adventures in, without a home to tie me down while I do it.

Perfect! I’ll still be a year ahead of the game, saving myself 15 years of pointless toil (for a home) and exchange those for 14 years of homeless touring.

I like math.

*”Plans” are more like “structured daydreams”. Playdreams, I like to call them. I do all the math, all the planning, all the phone calls as if I’m actually going to go through with it. This used to scare my (now ex-) husband and has panicked at least one aunt, prompting her to call my mother. Tattle tale. Know ye: it’s simply a very vivid daydream. Nothing makes me happier than scribbling out budgets and numbers on a page, torturing numbers until they suit me. Then I smile and get back to my real job making donuts and cranking out the big balls.

Ok, but maybe I’ll actually do this. In fact, I’d call this one “likely“.

Inspiration: Change something

Change yourself, already! (I found this on Prana's blog, but it clearly comes from typcut and H34 originally.)
  • If everyone only cleaned their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean. —Mother Teresa
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.  —Gandhi
  • If you want to be somebody else, change your mind. —Sister Hazel (the band)

My frustrations, my breaking point even, came to light when I saw a lady flicking her cigarette ashes out her car window the day no fewer than five large wildfires were burning on all sides of her city. I couldn’t believe someone could have so little regard for everyone else’s safety.  Nevermind the people who cheered after hearing how many executions Gov. Rick Perry approved. Nevermind any corporation that has ever put profits before the welfare of people (employees or customers).

I realized with growing angst that people, a lot of people and maybe even most people, don’t think their actions affect anyone. “I’m just one person.” “My vote doesn’t count.” Or even “The world is a big place.”

It’s simply not true. Each of us matters. Each of us has a big effect on our world, good or bad. And believe it or not, how you perceive the world is actually what matters most. I read this article today and realized again that I do matter and my frustrations aren’t in vain.

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