Google socks at #LavaCon


The short answers are:

  • No, I don’t work for Google.
  • I got them at Maker Faire when it came through Austin a few years ago. Google was a vendor. (Maker Faire –> MAKE magazine –> O’Reilly media.)
  • Yes, I agree they are awesome. 🙂
  • The feet say “google sketchup: it doesn’t stink!”

    Now my question is: has anyone ever taken a pic of his or her own foot that doesn’t make it look like the end point of a cankle??

  • Too full of thoughts to craft

    Bah. I have too much fun stuff planned to even start in on one fun thing. I want to get back to knitting this Fall, sewing some things (refashioning and mending a big box of things I’ve held on to for far too long at this point), and straight-up crafting some things I’ve had on the brain for quite some time now. I’ve got niece birthday season upon me already!

    However, all I can think about is a playdream I’ve had on the brain: a treehouse at a renfest, selling all things air-related: flags, wind chimes, hammocks, whirlygigs. It would maybe even have a couple swings hanging below, just to pause upon. I would love to do this. Do I know how to build a treehouse? No, but that’s never a barrier. Do I know how to build a treehouse meant for accessibility and the general public’s safety? Uh.. problem. How about the first thing about sales, creating product, or anything in between and after? Big no. Do I even make any of these things that conveniently fit into my treehous? Negator. Nevermind my full time job among other responsibilities.

    Oh well. My treehouse of flags and flutters shall likely remain a sweet playdream. Here’s a glimpse into my brain.

    I bet that Jolly Roger would've been my #1 seller, too.

    Got a spare tire? Give it some yarnouflage

    No, not the kind of spare tire I got from years of /played time on WoW. I mean the kind you put on your car. The kind of spare tire you put on your car next to your Flying Spaghetti Monster decal. In Austin.

    OMJeez, I love Austin. Also, I’m totally doing this on my VW. And yes, I just made “yarnouflage” up, but I’m sticking to it.

    Austin. Home of hippies, hipsters, ... and Pastafarians (sometimes aka Vegans)

    Super thanks to Conner for the pic!

    LED RAGBRAI t-shirts, ahoy!

    Ok, I did it. These LED shirts are happening for RAGBRAI. Man, I gotta cut down on my acronyms.

    Le kit, from Aniomagic (photo stolen from their site. Clicky to go there. See? Free traffic, Aniomagic!)

    The plan: 3 kits for 3 t-shirts (NOT the cycling jerseys). Most of the team were “meh” for LED sparklies, which is of course totally cool to be so. For those of us who are go-go-power-rangers, I just got the basic white kits shown here. A controller, thread, a switch, and battery.

    My only confusion is how to affix it all: does it go on the outside? How bizarre. But ok!

    So now it’s just sitting and waiting for the kits. The shirts are already here, man! In fact, I’m ordering a couple more today. Yes, this very day! Now it’s a race for shipping. I’m also considering ordering one of the sewing kits (simple non-programmed lights) to stitch onto biking gloves. Click it on, stick your arm out, make the turn, click it off. But since RAGBRAI is a closed course, that can wait for safety.

    The jerseys are on their way, shipping today. My new bike seat… well, I haven’t pulled the trigger on that.  Or on clip-in pedals. And shoes. Eff, effity eff eff. This is an expensive ride I’m doing. Stupid accessory sport.

    Yep. Someone even named his seat the "moustache ride".

    Ok, let’s take stock, Nimmers: I would like a new seat (a MoonSaddle. Oh ye gods, let the ridiculing begin!). I also need to sell my original (men’s) bike seat, which is completely unused in any way. And my 110mm stem. If this moony seat is good, I can also sell my women’s seat.

    I would like some SPD pedals and shoes. But honestly? I don’t think they are nearly as “necessary” as the seat. However, they might make the fit of my bike more accurate, so… maybe.

    I still need a solar shower for the van and our camping along RAGBRAI. That’s easily done.

    And I still need just ordered 3M reflective tape. Hm. That stuff is proving to be expensive as well. But for safety… that could be seriously clutch. Along with that, I will need a star-shaped hole punch. Yes, need.