Promocalypse: vote for the date of the end-times

Promocalypse was supposed to be April 3rd, but events have transpired that may make that impossible for me to properly prepare.  But then…you are not prepared! And who’s ever truly prepared for the end times?

So anyway, if you are planning on attending this year’s Prom of the Dead, what works best for you?  I’m so indecisive.  Halp me, internets!


Fabric postcard, nay a whole host of mailed fabric items: an idea

Seeing this fabric envelope (purse) on gives me an idea, or rather reminds me of something I have been wanting to do for a long time, thanks to Sharon B’s fabric postcards I have oogled through the years.  By the way, the tutorial for this cute envelope purse is at Sew Mama Sew.

Perpetual calendar

Wouldn’t it be amazingly fun to get an envelope like this, or a fabric postcard, in your real-life mailbox?  I’ll have to think of some way to have its contents open up to something useful so it makes sense to keep around.  Perhaps a perpetual calendar, which I’ve also been oogling and meaning to make…

Now, of course, my faithful WoW peeps might ask how one could Azerothify* it.  Well, I’m thinking maybe a perpetual calendar might have a little fabric bunting (tiny, perhaps rick-rack sized) for in-game events.  Damn, I could actually use that _now_, since I’ve only logged in lately to get World Event achievements and my monthly brew in the mail.

Perpetual calendar (left) I have oogled and loved is from, originally seen on Discovery’s PlanetGreen.

*Azerothification: to make real-life things more like World of Warcraft, coined by Nimcraft.  😉  Usage: Her azerothification of that hat is emblematic** of life imitating art.

**C wut I did ther?

Another year until the big achievement

Bah.  Why do I leave the PVP portions of the achievements until last?  I know good and well I won’t do em and then the queues for bg’s will be crazy and I’ll get all st00pid waiting and inevitably…. be 40 HKs short and then have to board my plane and then not have WiFi at the beach house over the vacation.  Man.  Every time.  Now because I had an unbelievable time over winter vacation I’ll have to spend time in a fantasy world for fun and recreation some more.  Sooooo unlucky.*

*I’m joking here, folks.  Sucks to miss an achievement by so little, sure, but dang 1) I had a good reason, 2) I won’t NEVER play WoW again or anything anyway, and 3) it’s just a game?

“For the Horde!” necklace

Why haven’t I posted this yet?  Sheesh, Austin Laser Art made these boys up for me before Blizzcon 08 (forever ago), and I’ve been giving them to my buddies ever since.  No, I haven’t sold them.  No, I won’t sell them.  (See, Blizz?  I’m a good girl.)

Anyway, they rule.  Acrylic on hemp string, except for Mira, who awesomely put hers on a dogtag beaded cord thingy.

Fine! Here’s the stinkin’ mailbox

First a little rant: I came home today and a neighbor had put a mailbox on my awaiting post. Thanks, but I reeeeeally don’t need your pity mailbox. Or your pity lawn mowing. Or your pity pumpkin and pity chrysanthe—OMG I’m the charity case of the neighborhood.

Sigh. Well, it’s nice to have nice neighbors, but dudes, I was just trying to perfect the space invaders, convert my lawn to prairie, and protest the original invasion of Europeans and the commercialization of holidays in this country. Oh, and I’m hella lazy.

Well, fine.  I replaced the charity-mailbox with the one I’d been working on:  a very un-perfectly painted space invaders mailbox. I hope the unfinished design and uneven paint makes you crazy over in perfect-neighbor land.

p.s. firmly tongue-in-cheek. i like kindness.  i like good neighbors.  i like nice people.  i was very nice and thanked them and all that.

p.p.s. i still like my  geeky house numbers and guess what?  space invaders topiary is on the brain.  muhahahh!