Great American Roadtrip tiaras

The week passed me by like a car on the highway! After the wedding, I had crafted a few tiaras for the road, and cobbled a few more together while in transit. Beading ain’t easy in a moving car, either.

Backwards in time, we have generous use of the stretchy silver cord. I knotted it and strung beads on three lengths of it, and braided it some.

made in vegas for the final day’s drive
also made in vegas, but on arrival

This one was an in-transit make. Like the Vegas headband, I wrapped stretchy silver cord around it and threaded beads onto it like I was making a friendship bracelet. You can almost tell that this was on a broken section, whereas the Vegas band was between two loops of the hard plastic headband.

stretchy cord wrapped around a broken headband.

Wedding weekend tiaras

First, an emergency, cheater tiara because Friday was still work, a compressed and hurried hour to pack, and then an evening flight.

Then a Saturday (rehearsal) feathered tiara because I like for my bride and groom friends to worry just a little about what I have in store for their “nuptial ritual”. Too bad (not really) the bride and groom this weekend were soooo chill, and just weird enough that the feathers didn’t faze em.  I happily gave it to the flower girl, who looooooorved it.


And finally, the subtle wedding tiara (Sunday), which I gave to the groom (who hopefully gave it to his new wife).

Texas flooding ahead

If you’re worried about the Texas flooding, here are some resources for you to follow. They’re not the most intuitive to find, so I hope this helps:

Austin road closures:

Flood “situation” status from LCRA:

Inundation map (Bastrop) from NOAA:

Inundation map (Onion Creek/183):

Tis the season, y’all! Go catch some rain water and be glad it’s not wildfires!

(Another) rainpocalypse

The day-tiara project

Or tiar-a-day, if you will.

For a couple weeks now, I’ve been making and wearing a tiara every day. Closer around my birthday, it was cute and playful. Further from my birthday, it was tolerated: “ok, another tiara. We get it; you had a birthday.” If you don’t know yet why I’m continuing my tiar-a-day quest, you should know. Lest you just think I demand princess-level parties daily. I mean, if you want, we can talk about those later. I’m always accepting of parties.

So, why daily tiaras? I’m not a princess, and only once in a while act like an entitled one. Sometimes. But here’s the thing: we should all, every one of us, make sure we give ourselves even five minutes of royalty treatment each day. For me, those minutes are the ones with no meetings, no chores to do, no one else’s feelings to consider: just a few minutes of unfiltered me-time. And right now I choose to use them to craft tiaras. Then all day while I wear the tiara (headband, whatever), I can remember that I’m worth those five minutes, and you are, too. And if someone asks about it, I’ll tell them that.

You should wear a tiara if you want. Why not? How is it any different than (gold!) shoes you love, fruity lip gloss, or a latte treat? Take some time for yourself. You don’t need to feel guilty about it. Honest. For real.

You want a tiara to remind you? I can help with that. I’ll post my daily tiaras and share them IRL as much as I can to the people I know, and for everyone else? Tutorials! Wheee!
Here is today’s simple and work-subdued tiara. Just some stretchy silver cord knotted a few places and with some beads between certain knots: