A true day-tiara: casual, sparkly, and maybe even subtle. Ok, subtle is optional. Anyway, when MBF took the action shot my people have demanded–and which my public so richly deserves–the beads just lined up so that most of them were hidden. Such is the life of the incognito princess.  

trying not to laugh as MBF takes a pic of the top of my head

New year, new tiaras

New year, new tiaras

I’m happy to say I gave myself some serious time off from commitment while I was off work during the holidays. I imagined making a tiara or two every day during my vacation, but I just didn’t have it in me. Mainly I slept and got over a cold. Now that I’m back at work, I’m happy to be back making tiaras, too. 

I also finished an online class yesterday, so that’s anothe nice finish/start goal accomplished. 

So tiaras. Yesterday was just an elastic silver cord with beads. No biggie. No pics. Today’s is another side comb with wire and beads. I made it on the ride to work, so here are the pics as everything came together: 


i realized i had a lot of purple beads, so that became the thing today. my kit is an altoids tin.
i wrapped 24 gauge wire around the comb, not knowing what shape this thing would take. then i wrapped one end around itself and strung beads on the remaining coil.
once i had my beads on the wire, i chose places in the bead sequence to bend and make points or dips.
i cut the end off with just a half inch or so left. this made it easier to wrap around the comb and itself.