A few years ago while making paper snowflakes, I discovered that the edges that get cut off can sometimes become a great winter crown. This was well before day tiaras entered my mind. 

Skip ahead to yesterday and I thought hey, why not? As a bonus, I get a few snowflakes to decorate my office at work. I tried folding into thirds like a lot of tutorials say, but that was hard to make consistent and I kept messing up. So then I just folded some into fourths and concentrated on the continuous edge. I got this and one other, which I wore most of the day.

Here is the edge I cut off to make a crowny profile.   

  And for today, Thursday, I sat down and twisted some wire and beads onto a side comb. Yes, it’s called a side comb. At least according to Amazon. I consider it a messy fail, but MBF says it looks fine. Meh, whatevs. I’m sure the queen has bad tiara days, too. 



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