Although I’m on a month break from my daily tiaras, I thought I’d share how I made one of them. It was my favorite so far, except maybe the skulls. Those were wicked fun, too.

This pic is NOT what I made. This is the inspiration. I don’t have rights to this pic, but I think it’s gorgeous and you should probably go buy the original, at the URL I link. But if you’re $400 short, you could try making your own. Either-or.

The inspiration for the peacock tiara came from this site, from a crazy beautiful and expensive version, probably with real crystals and unicorn tears, and definitely without hot glue. So, if you don’t have $400 bucks to shell out, and you have some feathers and hot glue and your own tears on hand, giddy up. Then again, I’m sure the four hundred bucks is worth it, if you go that route. I won’t judge. It looks amaze.

Actual items used (almost free if you reclaim the feather boutonnières from a friend’s wedding or if you have a pact with peacocks*):
*The title of my graphic novel coming out this Fall.

  • hot glue and glue gun
  • peacock feathers (9 or 11 or so)
  • shiny plastic bling crystals, preferably from the container that also houses the first 22 shell you ever fired. If you’re that klassy.
  • plastic headband
  • ribbon

So, first I used about eleven peacock feathers of any old size. I singled out the biggest one for the middle, then paired off the rest to more or less balance on each side. This ain’t a $400 rig. I didn’t obsess over the details. Stop looking at the inspiration pic now. It’s dead to you. All you know is glue gun. All you know is now. Be the craft.

I warmed up the glue gun and started tacking the feathers to a hard plastic headband I got at the dollar store. My goal was to wear it across my head, Jordie LaForge style, not Alice style.

There weren’t too many pics of the feathers as I placed them one by one, so in the pics below you can see more or less what the mess looked like as I overlapped them, working front-middle and off to each side, alternating. I wish I’d started from the back and come forward to the middle, to get the overlaps right, but I was afraid I would get off center or run out of feathers. (Ok, some details were obsessed over. By zombies. I use the passive here to absolve myself of guilt and blame the actors in any passive sentence: zombies. Fuck those guys.)

a good look at the back side, and a hint at the headband style. not that it matters
under this mess is the front and you can see one side of the band. looks like i tilted the feathers as they went around the back. probably on purpose, but who knows.

To make the overlap work out, I glued the feather in the center only, then placed a feather behind it and tried to underlap (word police?) the back feather.  Only once arranged with the proper lapping would I glue down the two feathers. Thus I worked my way around.

Then I trimmed them all. That was scary. And slippery. But fuck it, I did my best and let the haters hate. I picked a line of color on the feather and cut around it. I used the inspiration a lot here to judge how far down to trim. Peacock feathers are crazy unruly. Again, I wished I’d left a couple of antlers sticking off (like the inspiration), but then I remembered the inspiration was dead to me. This thing is fully my own now.

trimmed, mostly
the crystals hid the hot glue under the sheer ribbon

After the trimming, I hot glued a ribbon over the feather stalks (seriously, I should maybe find out what that actual word is) and folded the ribbon under the bottom of the headband. This kept things neat. Ish. Then more hot glue and some plastic crystals on top of the ribbon.

Voila. Oh except then I flew across the country and all the feathers got crushed and a few crystals succumbed to the heat of October in Texas and fell off. And then I decided it was sunny enough to need a cap, so naturally I put my tiara outside my ball cap. This is why I don’t have nice ($400) things. But then, what good is a day tiara if’n you don’t wear it for your day activities, like mocking the local Stonehenge?

Anyone with a temporary unicorn tattoo has a license to mock
Man, it’s like you can’t even tell the difference between the real picture with a professional model, and my version. This is, like, Strong Bad quality through and through. Where did I learn to make that blue-steel face? Pro!

Anyway, hope that works out for you. Leave a comment if you make one and it’s awesome (or a fail, whatever. We’ll be craft-sistahs 4-eva if you make one) and especially if you can come up with an even more professional and klassy photoshoot than mine. Perhaps with featured 22-shell casings?


3 thoughts on “Amaze your friends with your own peacock feather tiara

  1. The stemmy part of the feather is called the rachis, which I only know about because I was looking at a tutorial for making feathered earrings 😛 Unless you’re talking the part without any floor attached, then I think that qualifies as quill 🙂 I think you did a great job with this tiara, and making it your own 😀

    1. Thank you! And quill! That’s the oh-so-exotic term I was stretching to find. I had no idea there was a nuance to on part of the stemmy part or another. Rachis. Cool! Thanks for the info!

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