Well, this week broke me. Figuratively and mostly literally too.

After the road trip, I had to report back to road trip ground zero for work. So back I flew, with the week’s tiaras ready to go.

Two lessons learned here: headbands are not tiaras (no matter how much I stretch the use of the word), and hot glue is not a decent adhesive.

a pic of the whole bunch. most are necklaces turned into headbands I thought to myself: I’ll take a pic of all of them before I wear them, since I find it onerous to take selfies every day. Ugh. Some days, I remembered to take pics.

Not pictured at all is a ribbon with black stones glued on, which was so ugly I was _glad_ when the stones popped off, giving me good reason to take it off.

this, i liked. this and the purple one were both broken necklaces tied as a circlet with a ribbon. this was after i hurt my back but before it told me it was hurt

a bathroom selfie is all this pink headband with beads threaded through a ribbon deserved. fail.
modelled by a wurstfest reveller. ribbon with feathers, rhinestones, and an acirn cap hotglued on. tied around my head or hat. worked well!

Not pictured individually were a strand of beads from a fake-hair attachment I got at bellydance camp, tied and hot glued to a black elastic headband, which worked pretty well actually; a leather rectangle I made at camp one year as a hair stick, but which never worked as one. Tied with elastic silver thread it made a nice headband, but my friends called it a cheater tiara (correctly). And created but never worn due to pearls popping off the hot glue is the blue ribbon one. Looked ok but it was a fail for hot glue issues.

So that brings me to yesterday. I flew home and a couple things happened. 1) I decided not to wear the ugly tiara with the failpearls. 2) My back started telling me that it was serious and this shit wasn’t going away. According to the first doc I saw, I injured a disc and sprained my SI joint. Today, I’m flat in bed, after seeing my fourth doctor/healer/physical therapist. I am realizing I have to take it easy. I am realizing I also signed up for NaNoWriMo and should really get back on that. And I am realizing that after taking pain pills and muscle relaxers Friday, the words per day dropped way way down. Like to zero.

All to say: no mas tiaras until the November novel is done and my back is cool with sitting at a work table again. Both things have to occur. I want to wear tiaras for a year, but I want to enjoy making them. I also want to write a novel this month. These are not going to happen simultaneously.


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