Another week of day tiaras

i neglected to wear a tiara Friday while working at home, and Saturday for the same reason. But I made a few more Thursday, so I’m ready to wear em out in public next week. Since I’m in public today, I’m wearing one now. Also, it’s beyond silly, so it needs to be a mainly-at-home one.

You know, I don’t even care so much about wearing them. It’s making them that feels so good. Creating something. Finishing something. I love it. Aiming to wear one daily just keeps me moving and making more. Keeps me on track.

I can’t decide if I need to make a bunch ahead for our road trip next week or if I’ll make them while on the trip. Likely I’ll do both. Plus, I at least have to make one to marry my friends in a week.

Hmm, what kind of tiara says “dudeist priestess”?

Last week’s tiaras:


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