On my birthday I forced all of my friends to drink beer with me and to wear tiaras. Most complied, to their credit and my great joy. 

I wore a very slight tiara all day. It was a work day after all. 

subtle derpy party tiara
But after that I was like hey…why shouldn’t I wear one, like all the time? I mean, I was treated pretty royally for my birthday, and rather than demand my friends and loved ones indulge my every whim every day, maybe I’ll just treat myself nicely every day instead. A daily tiara will help me remember that. 

Everyone could use a little reminder to be nice to herself daily. Not party-indulgent all the time, but little things. Five minutes to herself with a quiet cup of tea. Or the shade of lipstick she loves. Or those shoes. Or saying no to a social obligation and yes to her own time. Day-tiara level indulgences, not the Crown Jewels. 


keg-pumping tiara
flapper-esque, headbandish tiara
wtf is up with this stonehenge tiara
gave-it-to-a-friend tiara
TSA-approved tiara
office-headband tiara. was less subtle until texas melted off most of the hot-glued “jewels”

So yeah. I am making and wearing one every day this year, because my daily teatime of the soul is being creative. And I’ll share the message and the tiaras as I go. Keep ya posted. 


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