And I’d like a pink parasol

“My birthday’s on Tuesday and I’d like a pink parasol.” 

“Well, pink’s my favorite color, too.”

Kudos if you know the quote. For me, I’ve been waiting a long time to say my birthday’s on Tuesday. (But I don’t need or want a parasol of any color. That part is just for the quote completion. If you know me, you know my speech is filled with non-sequiturs for the sake of quoting movies, comnercials, and lyrics. Roll with it. It’s shake and bake and I helped.)

What’s more, I already got what I wanted: all my friends in a room eating cake and making jokes with me. That’s it. Just their time and attention for a few hours. And maybe some unicorns, time permitting.

I learned, finally, that you can get what you want, but most reliably when you ask for it. Well, that only took forever to figure out. 

So go ask for your pink parasol. You might not get it, and that’s ok. Someone uninterested in bestowing or collecting gifts might politely dodge your request by changing the subject back to herself even though she specifically asked to hear something about you and each of your siblings and why won’t she just admit she fell in love with your father and anyway she’ll resign before dinner and omg did you see her face about the spiders because we so totally have her number, the bitch. But you certainly won’t get it if you don’t ask. 



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