To my Austin friends


This is to anyone and everyone “back home” who considers me a friend, or who ever has considered us friends. I’m thinking of you even more than usual, and hoping quick-dries and safety for you.

I want to thank you. I am reluctant to list every name: an order would be implied that simply doesn’t exist. Omissions would be made that were unintended and just a factor of “morning mind” before the ritual of coffee (defanged of its actual juju) wakes me up enough for completeness.

So this is for you all. I think of so many so often. From the Maras and Jens I talk to daily, to the Aarons and Amys I haven’t spoken to in months or years.

Thank you, all of you, for your friendship along the way. We might be BFFs right now or we might not speak more often than at weddings. But you have given me, at the points our lives intersected, something special: your time and friendship. I haven’t always been able to express an appreciation for that, but today, I do. Today I want you to know.

Today I think of all the local beers, hungover days, costume parties, dirty jokes, couches to sleep on, and homes opened to me. The miles on bicycles, drunken Comals, late and later night raids and Kerbey Lanes, tabletop games, and renfests. Camping and beer festivals, roadtrips for snowboarding and wind surfing, plant hikes, yoga, and many, many unicorns. And weddings! So many happy and fun weddings. Now we’re on to babies, most of whom I haven’t met. To my tiny Austin baby-friends, I look forward to these things minus the drinking until you’re older. And wow, that’s a lot of drinking. They don’t hand out flip cup trophies to scrubs, you know.

It’s all these things and so many more that I feel grateful for. Grateful to you, every one of you who has shaped these fantastic memories we have.

We’re all different, and presumably far more sober, now than when we made those memories. I’m so glad we did. So glad we got a chance to have fun times and terrible times. Thank you for supporting me during my own terrible times, and for forgiving me when I was (am) terrible myself.

This isn’t the end of the road, but it’s a turn. I’m a zillion miles away–further again from my Austin-to-east-coast friends. Yeah, I see you guys. šŸ™‚ but as the hobbits say, the road goes ever on and on.

This isn’t goodbye, but just a pause for appreciation. A-pplause, if you will. Because puns.

Thank you.

You know I’m always up for a good laugh over a beer. Message me and let’s relive some old times virtually. And when I’m back in town, let’s get together. I tried to get a few moments with you at the end, but for some of us it just didn’t work out. It’s cool. We have schedules and life. But let’s not let that be the last note, k? Cool.


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