My neighbor says they’ve estimated our trees to be 200 feet tall. We watch hummingbirds perching even tinier on the branches, and squirrels become big wall climbers up the bark. I wonder what squirrels at Yosemite do.


My tree friends back in Texas are estimated to be a couple hundred years old. They’re much shorter than our tree friends here, but they still dwarf the hummingbirds. Squirrels use them like highways instead of walls. We hung chair hammocks from their branches and moved with the breezes.


I’ve taken other pics of trees and branches on some of our hikes. Bark, roots, limbs, and leaves are pretty beautiful here. But I’m happy to report the trees around my homes are the best. It’s like they wait all day to hug you hello. This guy was outside our temporary apartment the very first days we arrived in California.



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