More weeks, more boxes

We’re at something like 5 weeks in California, and a single week in our new place. I should say new, “little” place. It’s spacious by California standards, but it ain’t gonna fit my shit. I’ve been crushed under the psychological weight of all of it, and potentially would be physically crushed by it in an earthquake: rule number one is don’t put shit on high shelves or stacked up, and mine’s up to the ceiling.


We keep having to rearrange the little room to muscle a box out to unpack it, then reengineer all the stuff remaining in the room to fit the newly-unpacked stuff. Ugh. Really shows you just how much junk you have.

I had been working under a great method of unpacking something and giving it a home, and not moving to the next box until everything had a home or was tossed. Then we unpacked the first of my actual stuff.

It’s embarrassing.

The good news is that now I have tons of projects to not-do once again.

So. Yeah, “yay”.



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