One month a Californian

Things are shaping up. We found a little home to rent, nestled under some of the biggest redwoods we’ve seen outside a state park. We’re especially excited to see them daily and listen to the wind in their branches above a little gurgling creek a few steps beyond. Really excited to sleep with the windows open!

I got a celebratory ukulele the night we signed the lease, even though we’re not living on the beach. I’ll still learn beachy songs, you betcha. I’m stoked (I’m in California now, so required by law to use that word) to find out just how many songs use the simplest chords (and few at that). SRV might take a bit more practice to learn though. Well, like all things Austin, it’ll be a little harder to tackle, but so worth it. (Think about it. It’s worth it to live in Austin, but hard to get over the heat. It’s worth it to go to Barton springs, but you have to get over the [parking, drum circles, yucky toe, crowds]. It’s worth it to go get awesome food but you have to get over the wait. In the sun, usually. And so on.)

So that’s that! We spent the weekend doing not-house-hunting, which was awesome. We went to the gym, saw a movie, and had a great hike in a huge state park. I think we even passed by tom hanks on a trail; the rangers said he lives in east bay, so they weren’t surprised. _I_ was surprised that a movie star 1) doesn’t live in Hollywood and 2) goes hiking. With bearded young dudes, I must add. These guys had bigger beards than the pack-goats we passed. Evidently they eat the poison oak. The goats, not the dudes. Eat the poison oak. Sigh, anyway, here are some pics:






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