Californian, week 2. Roses and redwoods

This week I’m feeling more “local”. I don’t feel like a local Or that I am a local, I’m just feeling like I’m getting the hang of things here. Sort of.

I mean, the whole work week was insane, including a last-minute dinner with the boss’s boss, which supplanted dinner we had planned with “just” the boss. Good Thai food though. So good.

For five days, Mbf and I traded off prying each other out of our office chairs. So in that way, yeah, we’re getting localized. Work and food, where you talk about work. Then sleep when you can and do it again tomorrow, fueled by lattes.

Then the weekend. Ah, weekends. And this one was pretty good. As part of the relocation out here, we had a guide drive us around and show us areas, neighborhoods, and even a couple rentals we’d all spotted online. Turns out the market is soooo tight out here, you apply for the apt before ever seeing it, then when you see it, make the call to stay or not, right then. And have 3 or 4 (or more) backups.

The guide–a super kind dude in his 70s and is big into mountain biking–took us to a winery and the rose garden in San Jose, just for funs. He even took us to his own home in the hills to show us his 87 different roses. And his stained glass. Seriously kind. Ps, mom: you’ll love it here. Visit soon 🙂

Sunday a realtor showed us around and we saw homes amazing (and million-dollar, obviously far out of the price range but fun to see) and awful. One-bedroom tear-down shacks with raccoon prints on the washer and dryer, clinging to a hillside on 2×4 stilts, with no more land under the house than you can park a car on, still going for 200k. People be cray.

Sadly, the yurt on 9 acres is not feasible, and some homes we could afford and liked online were snatched up before we could see them in person. Oh well. It’s too soon to buy anyway, so we’re aiming to spend a year renting by the beach and plotting our little piece of heaven when it comes around. I can live with this. 🙂 a lot.

In other news, the weekend ended with a fantastic dunkel Hefeweizen under the redwoods. Uh, ysplz kthx.



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