4 hours later, I was a Californian

On Sunday, I got on a plane as a Texan, and four hours later I arrived in my new home state of Californian. The next morning, I got up and went to work at my new workplace.

Moving should always be this simple.

My stuff is who-knows-where, but I have my computer and clothes, and a place to sleep for now. I’m rather glad to not have any stuff with me right now, given that I’ll just have to move it again in a few weeks. It’s a nice trial run on having little to no stuff.

So one week into it, I have walked to work almost every day, went to an earth day celebration at the library–and sampled it’s amazing coffee–hiked among redwoods, and generally enjoyed being outdoors a heck of a lot. Well, except the hours when I’m at work or sleeping, which is all of them. Walking to work is the only non-sleeping thing I did all week. Crazy. This place is non-stop.

So, do the 3 hours in the redwoods balance out the work every other waking hour? Time will tell.



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