Simplicity continues, then halts

This is great. So far. I’m halfway through the month, with only just over a quarter of what needs to be jettisoned out the door. Day 14 was mainly DVDs again, and day 15 more DVDS, books, and CDs. It’s getting harder.

In fact, I got through days 16 and 17, but just.

*skip ahead in time*
It’s the 28th today and day 18 still hasn’t happened.

I’m not giving up fully, though. I’m just putting the pause button on. For now.

Meanwhile, I cleared out a bunch of junk and papers, most of which was just in the spirit of the challenge, but I didn’t count it up. And I shouldn’t. Paper? That’s not the point, for me. But it has gotten me to empty out boxes and back up my computer and clear out old photos and so on.

So I’m pretty happy about all that and will def continue.


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