Simplicity challenge: accepted

Super proud of myself. I took a simplicity challenge for October, but I didn’t start until the 10th. I had to play some catch up (you get rid of one thine on the first of the month, two on the second, etc) and piled up 55 things on the 10th. I got 11 things pulled together yesterday, and today I was doing some put-away tasks and got days 12 and 13 squared away, too! Pretty psyched.

Here are days 1-10, mostly DVDs (the painting behind everything is completely unrelated. It’s beautiful and it stays. Anyone ever hang a heavy fragile antique on brick before? Halp).


Days 11 was another stack of DVDs, day 12 a box of treasures for my mom, and day 13 was mainly just junk (not trash; I haven’t been counting that, but I wonder if I should) from the bathroom cabinet. Ain’t nobody needa see that.


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