Solar powerful!

I turned my solar on last night so today is my first day to generate my own electricity! Ok, ok. It’s now officially Fall. It took since April or May to get it installed and inspected and going. But luckily, the sun shines all year! Also: Texas.

So here we go! Happily, since it’s so nice out now, maybe I won’t even use as much as the system is tuned to produce. With all the rebates in Austin, it’s a great time to roll your own. Ask me about it!






3 thoughts on “Solar powerful!

  1. Congratulations!!! My solar has been on for almost two years. This is the first year the electric provider has owed me money. I lease my solar power plant and have net metering. It is such a thrill to be doing the absolutely right thing AND have it pay for itself and then some!

    1. Yeah! People keep telling me it “won’t pay for itself” or that I don’t use enough electricity to make it “worthwhile”. I think doing the right thing is always worthwhile, and it makes an impact, no matter how small. Plus there are soooo many rebates right now it was almost free. Gov (big as well as local) gives me money and then I am certain my energy is clean? Yes, please.

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