Supernatural obsession

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but thanks to every season being available on Netflix, I’m now quite obsessed with Supernatural. It doesn’t help that people have spotted one of the stars here in  my hometown. Following their Twitter accounts isn’t making things better, either. Am I a stalker? I think I might be a stalker.

Legal and psychological technicalities aside, I just really like the humor. They are right up my alley, especially Castiel and Bobby. Here are some faves I strung together. Y’welcome.

Ok, fine, it’s just me here. You’re welcome, future me. Also, they get bonus points for a freaking Charles Bukowski reference. Man, I miss Boston all over again.

bobby bukowski Cas_trying_to_lie


2 thoughts on “Supernatural obsession

  1. New season starts soon! We could get together and watch it, sounds like a good excuse to see you once a week. Or every couple of weeks. We could watch more than one, that way. 🙂

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