Mud mailbox=enjoy the week of rain

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.30.03 AMYep. I almost-but-didn’t-finish up my adobe (mud) and glass, ahem “mosaic” art mailbox yesterday. Since it is not yet sealed against moisture, and since my mother is likewise building with an unsealed, permeable material on her house, we will all now enjoy a week of thunderstorms. Starting now.

Notice how today there wasn’t even a thunderstorm listed? Welp, it’s a’raining and thundering at my place right now. So, yeah. You’re welcome, aquifers.

Here’s the last pic I took yesterday, during a break when my hands were clean. There is another layer on top of these upright bottles now, too. Update 6-25: the back 3 bottles upright in this picture (plus the entire layer above them that isn’t pictured) collapsed in this morning’s rain. Next time, they get cement from the get-go.





2 thoughts on “Mud mailbox=enjoy the week of rain

    1. It totally survived! In fact, I had thought something fell off, but nope. It liiiiives! The mailman just came by and I surreptitiously watched him. He wasn’t overly careful-seeming, and again nothing fell down. 🙂 Bring on the rain!

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