Clothing retailers, get a clue

I recently left this feedback on a survey. I reiterate so that my tall sisters can sing it from the mountains with me:

I’m tall* and I’m a girl. I have long arms, long legs, AND a long rise AND broad shoulders. I have boobs that don’t fit under “normal” shirts, even if my shoulders fit. I have hips that don’t fit in men’s jackets, when the rest fits. I hate wearing men’s clothes and their boring colors. I am done with that. I am willing to spend my money on clothes (and bicycles, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes…) that fit and that are pretty**.

I am these things, and I am not alone.

*Yes, I played basketball. And volleyball.

**But I’ll wear things that don’t fit if they’re pretty and nice to the earth and its inhabitants. 🙂 And I’ll wear the hell outta some Chucks.

Also, I just found out this isn’t something all people have a problem with:



3 thoughts on “Clothing retailers, get a clue

  1. I thought I was alone in catching my pockets on door knobs & drawer pulls! I’ve shrunk some but I’m still a tall girl! Yay!!!

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