Freeing mental storage space

Or at least, freeing up virtual mental storage space. Aka ditching my old emails. Why have I kept them for so long? Honestly, I went back to the year 2000 in my Yahoo account. Why? It’s just silly.

Now that cloud storage is so easy (free) to get, it’s simple to just drop photos that I was “saving” in my inbox right into the cloud. Old addresses? Well, after 14 years I wasn’t sure if some were still good, so I replied to the email I’d saved for that purpose. And guess what? It’s better than social media for reconnecting. My friends got direct emails, and one of them even called me up! Imagine that.

As for the “tough” emails from people who gave me hard news or with whom I had rough times, I got rid of them. I felt bad every time I saw the subject line, and I remember the pain enough without the email. Let it go.

So now, here’s where my inboxes sit. According to chats with my friend, I started clearing Yahoo back in the second week of May, and at one point was proud my inbox total was below 1600, and over 1200 unread Yahoo mails. I’m not sure where my Gmail sat, but as it was an emergency “I can’t deal with this many emails” account, I’m gonna guess it wasn’t too bad.

Now I’ve just gotta tackle the bailed-on Gmail account. Yikes.

Hey, pro tip: connecting email accounts to Mail makes finding and deleting emails super simple. For some reason, I’ve never been able to do large find/deletes on web mails. In the Mail app (on Mac), it is just super simple.


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