The gap between doing nothing and doing anything

nike_just_do_it_wallpaper_smoke___paintball_effect_by_ryanr08-d4h54qcWhen I heard this TED talk that mentioned a phrase about the gap between doing something versus nothing (at about 5:42), I thought about how doing nothing is far easier, and far more common it seems lately (certainly by me), because it means I won’t fail. It’s for this reason that Failblog has really been rubbing me wrong lately: it’s people just making fun of what other people have gone out and done. And as much as I love the writer behind CakeWrecks, same deal there, too.
I have so many projects planned and none of them done. It’s just plain fear. Consider this article (which seems to be aimed more at women, but anyone can stand to use a bit more confidence and move toward the direction of their own aspirations.):

“Consciously avoid procrastination, at home or at work. Procrastination is usually due to perfectionism or anxiety about not being good enough. Just line up what you have to do and get it done.”

Nike got it right. Just do it.


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