So, where have you been??

I’ve gotten asked this a lot lately, and rightly so. I  figuratively fell of the face of the planet.

Basically, 2013 had some good times (below), but over all it kinda sucked. Everything stopped at the end of 2012 when my mom’s house burned down. Since then, it’s been just about figuring that out, dealing with it outside and in, and then trying to pick back up where I left off. Turns out my strategy for dealing with things is to run away, aka travel.

So here’s a summary of really long post with the notable ridiculous points:

My birthday 2012 and also a bachelorette party with fun friends. Loved this.
Then mom’s house burned down end of October, which pretty much began my planetary falloff.
We went to New England for Christmas.
Then Quebec at the end of January for more snowboarding. I was clearly not intending to spend too much time at home dealing with my shit.
Went to Michigan to hang out (and oh yeah, snowboard again) with my nieces.
Occasionally I went to my mom’s. This is my friend Mike, and a chicken. Mike went and helped at my mom’s more than I did. Coping strategies. I has dem.

Finally classes ended and I got back to important things, like watching Doctor Who.


I surprised MBF with a trip to Seattle for his birthday
Visited my god daughter for my birthday 2013 and her school’s parents’ weekend, getting myself these sweet earrings in the process.
Somehow I got free tickets to SXSW Eco, and learned a few things for mom’s house, should she wish.

And that’s the year right there.

Once I got a calendar year away from the house, I tried to cram even more trips in, aiming to hike a really big trail before I get too old.

Oh, and at some point back in October, I stopped using Facebook. I couldn’t stand the negativity. It’s cost me a lot of social awareness, but I’m remembering how to actually make plans and hang out with my friends. Now I’m resurfacing. Back in town. Back to volunteering. Back to… gosh, I hope a more settled time and reality.

So yeah. That’s where I’ve been.


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