Release what doesn’t serve you

Release what doesn't serve you

This phrase has been going through my head and coming up easily once a day—from very random and disparate origins (in articles, from different people, in TED talks and Netflix, Pinterest.. really from everywhere)—for about 10 days now. I decided to start giving things back to their owners (my garage had a lot of unreturned pool party items, for instance), returning to stores, sending to nieces, donating, etc. I’ve also started deleting many duplicate and unwanted photos. *deep breath* I’m aiming to reduce my photo stock by about 1000 pics each time. I have 18k, and I’m hoping to get down a few thousand. That might be 9; it might be 2. I just don’t know.

But so far, I’m already down 2k (to 18.7k). My goal is 9,999 by Oct. 1.


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