How you spend your days

…is how you spend your life. Dang.



Well, how I spend my days is deciding to do something, making a list of to-dos to get there, and then maybe only doing the first one. Or writing in the first page of a new journal. Or new blog. Etc.

I think I’m going to go back to compiling my blogs into one blog instead of one for yoga, one for garden, one for gaming (OMG I’m missing the WoWs so much lately)…

I think when I was blogging a lot more, I got more done. It was like the imaginary audience kept me honest. Or at least made me feel competitive with other bloggers. Does the end justify?

Either way, I want to be more productive. And thus I shall. (Ironic note: this draft has been sitting since Sept. 2. Ha.)


One thought on “How you spend your days

  1. I can totally relate to this. I am constantly starting new projects and cursing that I don’t finish them. I get agitated when it feels like my days are flying by without my having anything to show for it.

    It reminds me of this classic joke about the CEO and the fisherman. The executive is out on vacation, on a fishing trip. He hires out a boat and ends up spending a few days chilling with a simple fisherman. Eventually they get to talking about life. The CEO asks the fisherman “Why just this? Why don’t you get a bigger boat, hire on some help and get a real fishing operation? There’s a chance you could get a serious business going!”

    The fisherman asks “what good will a business do me?”

    The executive says “Well, if you worked hard and made a strong company, maybe you could attract the attention of a bigger company, sell it for tons of moeny and retire!”

    “And then what?”

    “Well then you could be just like me and spend your days doing whatever you like! You could just sit around and fish all day if that’s what you wanted!”

    See, we’re all trained to think that we should be contributing to some great progress and that the appropriate use of your time is living your life seriously. Most of us spend our DAYS at some job, doing what we gotta do so we can get some relaxation later on. We work for the weekend, and use our free time to prepare for the job. I don’t think MOST people feel like their job is *important* though. I mean, I never really feel like what I’ve done for a living was important or needed to happen.

    And then this sinking dissatisfaction creeps in because, it feels like all the stress is for nothing. In my opinion, stress IS worthless but its hard to switch off because we’re wired for it and bombarded by it.

    To clarify, I don’t think your ambition is misplaced at ALL. In fact, I think I share it, and struggle with similar issues. For myself, the trick has been figuring out how to balance a variety of activities and challenges for myself. It is important that whenever I get bored or frustrated with one project, I have another ready to suit my current mood. I used to look down on the idea of starting more than one thing at once, but that’s just my personality, and I stay more engaged when I have a lot of variety in my day.

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