One week, no sugar

I’m a full week now without sugar. People have asked me if I’m eating fruit (yes) and having dairy (also yes). To make it clear, I’ve gone without table sugar, white sugar, refined sugar. Sucrose, really, although I found out after the fact that maple syrup is mostly sucrose. Oops. I snipped that out of my diet since then.

The idea isn’t to go sweetness-free, carb-free or anything like that. I just ate too damned much sugar. White, normal sugar. By cutting that out, even if I kept maple in, I have vastly reduced my sugar intake.

Anyway. So that’s what’s (still) going on. I’m feeling pretty good and noticing some body reforming. However, that could finally be my rigorous lifting schedule finally paying off. I’ll let the jury stay out on that one.


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