SXSWi 2013 day 3

Today, after the disappointments from yesterday, was all about me. Mostly.

I decided to attack with more laissez faire and less schedule Gestapo. Per the friend I ran into yesterday, I chose the ONE session I wanted and sacrificed anything else to go wait for it.

It just turned out that seeing Grumpy Cat was what I chose.

As a bonus, I ran into that SAME friend in the morning, and he got me into a session that filled up before my colleagues could get in. Score. On top of an hour-shorter day, this was a huge win. From there, it was all coasting.

I waited immediately after that session to see GC. This was two hours. Yes. I waited two hours to see a cat from the Internet. I think it was time well spent, and I didn’t miss any panels that I’d call “work related”. So win x2. I even made it to the panel I wanted to go for myself, which was humanitarian in subject, and so was completely empty. 3x

After that, another session in a room I knew to be too small. I even got a comfy chair. 4x. But that panel was a bomb, so I left early and met up with my colleagues. Let’s call that a wash and reset to 3x.

Next, another session on stuff for work. Strangely, my colleague sat with me. I’d been wanting to literally compare notes with him, so that’s cool. But I had to miss a “personal” session. Oh well; I feel like that particular speaker might be open to random Internet communication. I’d love to say this was another level-up, but nah. A wash at best. I mean, in a perfect world my colleagues would cover the work-related panels and I would serve my own needs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Meanwhile in reality, work sends me to cool fests like this. So yeah. Work.



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