SCSWi 2013 day 2

A frustrating day. The bottom line: choices.

Three sessions in a row were full when I got to them. Lines around corners (plural!) for the first meant I got to go to a session for myself, not for work. A win, I’d say. Then the next one filled up and I saw the last question. At least, I told myself, I could read the book that formed the session’s basis.

Next timeframe was Al Gore. Love him or laugh at him, the dude was a VP. That’s pretty huge! I wanted to see him, but the lines for even the simulcast were long and moved like a flash flood. I couldn’t take it. I’m not panicky, but it was too much for me at that moment. I called it a shutout and went once more to a secondary session for work, and again was shut out. This time I was the third or fourth person from getting in and bam. No entry.

Deep breath.

I went outside and guess what! Free Popsicles. Oh, the guy in front of me got the last one. I am not making this up.

However, as I walked sadly away, beaten by even healthy sugar-free Popsicles, I heard someone call out to me. The Popsicle guy had restocked, found me in the crowd (I was the tall one shouting at the sky) and asked if I wanted a Popsicle. Hell yes I did!! Day turned around. Big smiles.

Finally, I had a choice for my final session: hacking for sustainability (personal interest) or meditation (personal need)? I went with the meditation.

It didn’t help my day. I didn’t get an excited “this felt right!” Moment. But I did realize finally, after talking to an acquaintance I bumped into there, that this conference is all about choices. He’s right. I have to choose which are the big, defining sessions I MUST go to, and choose to skip some sessions to wait in line for the biggie. Hard choices, and they probably won’t give me the “I made a good one!” feeling. I’ll probably go away wondering what the other panels were about and second guessing my choices.

So day 3 and I’m on a bus at 8:20 on a Sunday, but my body thinks it’s 7:20 from the time change. I’m going to make my first panel, and I even went without coffee to make it. And I’m going to get my picture with grumpy cat, dammit.



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