SXSWi 2013, day 1

Wow. So overwhelmed. Today started with just a few gentle intros and a few sessions. It still blew my mind.

Keynote: makerbot makes anything and now you can, too.

Next session: we’re not just rebuilding homes after disasters, we’re teaching local architects auto CAD so they can get hired by the world disaster orgs to rebuild their own homes, and we’re not just building and leaving, but asking first what the locals want, helping then build that, and then staying on and transitioning our not-for-profit there to a for-profit they run and own. WHAT??

Final session: thinking exponentially. Find any Jason Silva video on YouTube. Prepare to need a nap.

After all that, I felt so tiny, so useless just making my living day by day. So what next?

Well, a lot of thinking, that’s what.

Day 1’s theme: there is so much more I could be doing. Oh, and Sxsw is really becoming TED. Or vice versa.


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