Still writing 2012 on your checks? Lucky bastard.

Yeahhhhh, it’s 2013 and I haven’t even written a single blog post yet. (Oh wait. There’s one! I just hadn’t published for some reason, and evidently I was still getting over pneumonia. I think I get a bye on forgetting it.) So those correctly-dated checks are just gonna have to wait.

What am I up to now? Here’s my sanity check:

Obviously, work. And a weekend thing I can’t shirk: training my baby naturalists to become masters. So that’s pretty much Monday through Saturday, 9-5. So for the other day of the week and hours I’m not sleeping:

Around the house:

  • Still gotta get those kitchen lights working again. It’s been probably 4 or 5 months now. Ouch.
  • Gotta fix the leaks in the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Wow, and I’m a greenie??
  • Finding a contractor to replace my horrible peach tiles, horrible cold tub, and nasty mildewy grout with something amazing. Something airy. Something I won’t have to scrub.

Maybe something like this, with its delightful steamy goodness:

From BH&G:

Or maybe, even more dreamily, it opens to the big wide world:

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 3.34.46 PM
From tumblr with no real credit , but from my own searches it might be originally from

But most likely, I’ll just end up with a big shower, no tub, and a better vent fan. Oh, and a fixed tub faucet leak. And I’m ok with that. Mostly.

Ok, ok. Since this post is really just for my own mental organization (is there ever another reason for a blog post?), what do I really want out of the bathroom upgrade?

  1. The leak fixed. That’s where it all started.
  2. The tiles (and their mildew and all the scrubbing and gross factor) gone.
  3. No more shower curtain (and… its mildew. Theme much? Also getting rid of the shower curtain screech when it’s moved aside. Awakens folks in both adjacent bedrooms and is a fun party trick!)
  4. More light.
  5. Better steam evacuation (read: fix/replace vent fan).
  6. Better health. I visited a spa (oh wow) and they had eucalyptus steam! Then I thought, dang, could I have a steam room, too? Having just got over pneumonia, this seemed like an amazing and resouding YES. Having option 6 requires option 5.
  7. Update room for better resale (eventually) and better enjoyment (now).
  8. More room in the event one occupant is on the toilet and the other in the shower. Hey, it happens. And when it does, the shower person is quite the captive.

Around the yard, I’m hoping to get some of these projects banged out (ha. Right). Until that illustrious day, this weekend I put in spinach, chia, cuke, black-eyed, okra, and kale seeds.

Someday, I’ll pull up my perfectly good patio (the one that burns my feet in the summer) and put down some wood slices, and that patio will shoot off onto a path, leading to my backyard oasis, spiraling to a conclusion thus:


Oh, and that patio? It’s covered with a pergola, luscious hanging plants, and a serene sense of give-a-fuck:—mediterranean-patio-los-angeles

And I’ll put uprights around my driveway, so I can grow vines (gourds!) over my driveway and make it less burny through the summer. It’ll also mean 100% less basketball. We’re currently at 1% basketball, so it’s not a huge loss:

Pinned Image
From—could you guess?— Man, they’ve got cool stuff.

And when those gourds aren’t growing, how about a bottle reuse project cum artwork, yathus:

Pinned Image

If I’m lucky, I’ll make it to my lowball goal: a DIY rain barrel. This is the wah-wah of projects:

Pinned Image

And as for health, I’m hoping to train for a triathlon. Yes, I realize that “hoping to train” for something is a complete fail.gif, but I have at worst gone to the gym one time out of once this week. Tomorrow, that number either stays at 100% or drops to 50%. I read this article ( and am reading the 4-hour body (with a grain of salt, per the author’s own instruction), and I’m still doing yoga and still trying to get up earlier each day for more health, yoga, well being, and huh, at some point I should look into these “meal” things people are all talking about. In the meantime, Pinterest keeps me and my hopes-to-plan-to-do self in a constant state of denial and sweet oblivion.


2 thoughts on “Still writing 2012 on your checks? Lucky bastard.

  1. I am so intrigued by the steam shower. How does it make the steam? And does that steam shower in the picture have a sink inside for washing a medium sized dog (or is that just my imagination)?

    1. The steam shower can be any configuration: it’s basically just the guts for creating steam. The one I saw in person just had like little steam “jets”, and otherwise looked just no different from a fully-enclosed shower. I think the basin you’re seeing in the greenish pic above is a reflection of the actual bathroom sink across the bathroom from the shower. Wow, that’s impossible to follow. Well, you’re smart. You untangle my maze of words; you made it this far.

      Anyhoo, you can put inside anything you wish: basin, seats, rain showerhead, you name it. When you want a steam, you just turn on the steam “jets” not the water faucets.

      But is it ridiculous to have a steam shower in central texas??

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