So what’ve you been up to?

Oh, nothing. Just overcoming the challenges of my mother’s house fire, traveling, organizing a 10-week class for 32 naturalists, and having pneumonia. No biggie.

Man am I glad THAT is all done. Well, except I’m still getting over pn, still traveling next week if I’m well enough, still getting over the fire, and the classes don’t begin until this weekend. But at least I’m nearly over the pn.

In fact, I got a bomb juicer and have been concocting some “tired if being sick” bombs to lay on my bod. Oh, did I mention? Training for a tri and a 4 month hike this year, too. So first things first: get well!

Yesterday’s drink had broccoli, spinach, a lime, two oranges, two clementines, half a sweet potato, an apple, a bit of ginger, and one single carrot with its greens. It mainly tasted like lime.


Today’s drink had a tiny beet, half a head of cabbage, spinach, one lime, three clementines, half a sweet potato, one orange, and a bunch of carrots with their tops. It tastes like an earthy lime.



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