Solar Powered Prisons Save Money

via Solar Powered Prisons Save Taxpayers Money | Sustainablog.

Image from Sustainablog

Yes, please. If we can’t switch from dirty fuels *cough*fossil fuels*cough* because it’s a better and cleaner way to do things, and because building new infrastructure actually creates news jobs (oh, don’t even get me started on restoring all those miles and miles of railroad lines that exist just about everywhere and would be an excellent way for us to move around the country), then maybe we can at least switch because it saves money.

Fine. I’m fine with that. And thank you, Charlotte Airport, for starting to worm compost and reporting the 1.2 million dollars you invested in, yes, worms will pay for itself in five years

Dudes. You can’t even get a Prius to pay for its own 30k over its lifetime. You can’t get a solar system at your house to pay for itself in five years, although perhaps in my (burning) climate, maybe it would pay for itself over its own lifetime.

But dudes. Dudes. Money talks. Great, let’s listen, then, since we’ve demonstrated over and over how it’s far more important than people. Finally, it’s a winner.


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