What a great Monday!

That is so not sarcasm. And neither was that. Seriously, I’m being straight here. Oh, Internets. I have so much to tell you. It all starts with teh bestest Monday evar.

No word of a lie.


Let’s name how this Monday was so great: I got a huge box o’ stuff out the door for a free pickup by a local charity. Bam. Less stuff in my life. Someone else gets to make muffins. Next. Song.

That’s extra great, because Monday (and Oct 1) also began a month-long car-free quest, which means I’d’ve had to balance that box on my head or something on my bike. Yeah. Bam to the FACE, petroleum!

So far, rides to work have been awesome and a bit refreshing. Nice to get exercise right off the bat. Tomorrow, I’ll take the bus downtown for an evening meeting. That one should be interesting, and better yet, I’ll get some reading done on the way.

Ok, how about a full moon Monday? Done. First day of a new, less-busy week? Done. Just finished my weekend classes on Sunday. Bam. No more kicking it down to San Antonio for a 2-day bender of classes, only to be followed by the brutal workweek.

That sweetspot week between MBF’s birthday and mine? Totally today. A year anniversary of a good friend’s arrival? Bam. (Thanks, good friend, for coming over to help with my technologies.)

iPhone 5 arrived, a full week earlier than I’d expected. Bam. No more broken, nay smashed screen for mees!

20121002-153019.jpgAnd in one week is my niece’s birthday. So? Bam. Let’s make her something fun with her name on it, per her request. I gave her sister a fun bunting for the younger’s 7th birthday, and now the older, this week’s birthday girl, wants something of her own. I used part of the bunting I’d made for myself when I turned 35 (dudes, you’re never too old for rainbows, unicorns, or cupcakes. Trust me). I sent her gift today for a Friday arrival. Does that bam count? Ok, bam. Extra credit bam, I ordered her something from my favorite site: thehungersite.com. They have really awesome, interesting, and fair-trade stuff.

Tuesday was kind of brutal. But Monday? Yeah, Monday was a rockstar.


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