A carefree, carless plan for October

Hey, Internet. I need you to keep me honest about this. My plan is to make October a car-free month for myself.

The idea? I won’t drive myself anywhere. I won’t allow myself to be ferried anywhere the driver wasn’t already going. That is, no fair just calling up friends and asking for rides. And if someone else, say MBF, decides to do this as well, no fair carpooling with that participant and calling it good.

Well, mostly no fair. I mean, if there is something that is massively required, ok. We’ll analyze it and go “yeah, that’s something we need to take the truck/motorcycle/van for.” But that’s also why I’ve started thinking about this in September: I want to weigh my “normal” car use and figure out what’s necessary and what’s not. Driving to the Coffee Bean? Heh. Driving to the grocery store? To work? Downtown? These are all places I’ve biked, walked, or bussed to at least once before, so I know it’s doable.

So how about Oktoberfests? Yikes. That one is tougher for me to let go. Then again, the one I typically enjoy most is only a few miles from home, and I can go early enough in the day that I don’t have to worry about darkness. The one further away.. Well, I biked there last year, but it was hellish. Might give that one a bye this year… and I’m sure I’ll be healthier for it.



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