Today I’m going to have a yarden “bed in” of my own!

Quebec's win for suburban yardens

Just last night I told my brother I had seeds in the ground, ready to make me delicious food until winter. Actually, I have seeds. I have a couple starter plants. But nothing is in the ground.

Admittedly, I’ve been busy and sick alternating nights this week. So after reading this:

Quebec Couple Holds “Bed In” to Save Their Frontyard Farm from City Officials – Environment – GOOD

…I’ve decided tonight’s the night. I just have to “dig in” and do it once and for all, before the season’s gone. There’s still time! I used this garden planner (sprout robot) to tell me what I should plant for my area. It’s actually pretty cool, although I wish I could go back a week and see what I missed.

Anyhoo, tonight’s gotta be it. I’ll do what I can and worry about the details later. Planting food in my front yard(en. Yarden. I’m trying to get this to catch on, people) is just too important to put off any longer, especially while some towns are outlawing it!


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